Saturday, August 2, 2008

A day in the life of Owen Banks

Well, typically I get up and hang out for a while in my pajamas. Mom is always wanting to take a bajillion pictures of me for some reason, so I put up with it for a little bit.

Then I play with Jack for a little while. He's so great!

Dad is dressing me today. Who knows what he'll pick out for me to wear. He usually finds a pair of socks for me that don't match at all. Drives Mom crazy!

Actually, Dad didn't do too bad. I look pretty cute! This is my first time to wear this!

Sometimes I'll play Where's Waldo and see if anyone can pick me out of this crowd.

He's my favorite!

I think it might be time for a nap...
I don't mind hangin' out with some cute girls. But entertaining can be pretty tiring! Maddie shared some of her candy with me while I was asleep. Maybe I'll eat it when I wake up!

Fun times...

Soccer fan?

Don't yet know if this means Owen will be playing soccer one day, but a friend of ours got this for Owen and he is already wearing it. Even though it's way to big right now!